Sunday, November 13, 2011

One reason I check my spam folder

Do you remember an old pre-internet letter we all used to get every couple of years? The letter had been around the world nine times and good luck would come if you copied it and mailed it to 20 people. The letter reported how various people with names like Constantine Dias and Aria Daddit had terrible things happen when they failed to forward the letter but then good things happened when they remembered the letter and followed the instructions.

This message that wound up in my spam folder today somehow reminded me of that old letter and made me wistful for it:

From: Detective Yasushi Uzawa Subject: RE:ARE YOU DEAD OR STILL ALIVE ???? To: Date: Sunday, November 13, 2011, 2:54 AM I am Detective Yasushi Uzawa, a Japanese, I am in charge of scammed victims compensation scheme propagated by the United Nations.My appointment came as a result of the meeting held by the United Nation Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon and African Leaders.
After series of meetings and deliberations, it was concluded that a foreigner should be the chairman, as the African citizens that held the post in the past made no difference; instead they worsen the situation, by defrauding the scammed victims more.
You are enlisted as one of scammed victms that shall will recieve a compensation of $800,000.00 US Dollars (Eight Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) The commission has mapped out modalities and procedures that shall enable you recieve the compensation . (i) You are to forward all the names and telephone numbers of people you have sent money in the past, this will enable us apprehend them and try to get the money you sent to them back. (ii)You are advised to stop forth contact with any government agencies, ministers, commissions, panels of any sort, apex banks or commercial banks, as the continuous contact with these agencies will complicate your transactions. (iii) Reconfirm the following information (a) Your full name and address, (b) Phone, fax and mobile #.
On this note, you are advised to indicate your interest by applying for the Deduction Certificate. This is the only chance to rightly get what belong to us from African Government; we have gone through a lot from Africans. Contact us now. Detective Yasushi Uzawa Executive Chairman scammed victims compensation scheme (SVCS)

A cursory Google search on Yasushi Uzawa turns up a scam email from 2009. It is good to see that he has now gone legitimate and is working for the other side. Unfortunately, I don't believe I've ever been scammed, so have no honest claim on the $800,000.00 US Dollars (Eight Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) he is offering.


Manon said...

Oh, but, David, I already sent them all our information, including SIN#, bank acc# and our passports...

David Scrimshaw said...

Well, I'm sure Mr. Uzawa will straighten it all out. He's working with the UN after all.

Dana Lee Ling said...

"This is the only chance to rightly get what belong to us from African Government" I must have been on this island far too long - I did not realize that Africa now had a single, unified government. Awesome achievement! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I got this spam mail in September this year. Amazing how far and long it travels! Nicky