Sunday, July 30, 2006

Back in Ottawa

I've uploaded most of my Spain photos to Flickr.

I have to wait until August 1 to upload the rest because I hit my monthly upload limit.

My first stop back in Canada was the Manx. As you can see, I brought something back to ease my re-integration to Canada.

After this photo was taken, the screen on my camera said "internal memory full". More proof that I live a charmed life.

And, for Kathy A, here are some Spanish animals:


Anonymous said...

Nice photos on Flickr.

Whoa, sign, sign.
Everywhere a sign.
Blockin' out the scen'ry.
Breakin' my mind.
Do this. Don't do that.
Can't you read the sign?

S said...

I like the bird on the cafe chair.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Dave - It wasn't the same around here without you.