Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Found Urban Art

We scored some found art a couple of weeks ago. Unlike typical "found art" these were not objects that were created with no artistic intention and later somebody decided they had aesthetic appeal. These were created with an intention that they be art, but the painter decided they had no value.

Or so I am told.

Keir's uncle Ian is cleaning out his garage. Besides containing many typewriters, the garage also contained four paintings that Ian rescued from a curbside garbage pile several years ago. He spotted them while driving. He stopped, had a look and then checked with the homeowner.

The homeowner told Ian that a former artist tenant had left a stack of paintings behind when he moved out and said to just get rid of them. The homeowner/landlord said he'd kept a few, but didn't want the four on the curb.

So Ian took these paintings home, put them in his garage and now they're here on the living room wall.

There are more detailed pictures of them on Flickr.

We are curious about who the painter is, but I don't want to try too hard to find him because maybe he'll want the paintings back. On the other hand, I'd love to see the paintings the landlord kept.

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Anonymous said...

Those are fantastic! That's got to be the scrounging scoop of a lifetime!