Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wizard in a Jar

I made a new piece of found object art today.

Several years ago, I got a wizard in a Kinder Egg. Almost right away, I realized he was likely involved with the pirates tangling with the giant squid in my table art piece. I thought about burning another hole in the table, but fortunately before I did that, I checked the height of the wizard and discovered that with his hat on, he was taller than the depth of the table.

So the wizard has languished until today when I realized I could combine him with broken glass I've been saving and a craft involving a Mason jar, Epsom salts and dollar store lights from the Art of Doing Stuff.

Now the wizard has a home. Unfortunately, I don't believe he is comfortable in it.

Meldigast returned to consciousness in a strange and frigid landscape…

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Zoom said...

Sheer wizardry!