Sunday, November 24, 2019

The Office Prop Comic - #1 Foam Brick

Many people like to be appreciated in the office for their humour. Some specialize in puns. But let’s face it, nobody likes a punster. It used to be, certain guys specialized in dirty jokes. Not only is that creepy, it’s a route to a harassment charge and a justified dismissal. That’s why I advocate, partially in honour of the sad death of Rip Taylor, that aspiring office comedians consider becoming the office prop comic.

In this new series of blog posts, I will give you some simple ideas to get you started.

Foam brick

The key thing with the foam brick is to only use it on yourself. In the 80s, I had a colleague who would ask, “do you want me to throw a brick at your head?” and even throw their foam brick.

But today, that’s likely to result in a visit from HR and questions about threatening and committing violence.

Instead, you say, “I don’t need a brick in the head to know we have to change direction."

Then pause and act like you're not so sure. "Or maybe not...”

Take a brick out of your desk, clonk yourself on the head with it and then say, “Apparently, I do need a brick in the head. We have to change direction.”

Of course, that's just an example. You can use the brick in the head for anything that ought to seem obvious.

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