Saturday, November 07, 2020

Hydrants with sunglasses

Two nights ago, over on the other side of Bronson, we saw a hydrant wearing sunglasses. So last night on our walk, we paid attention to the hydrants and almost every hydrant we saw is also sporting shades.

By an odd coincidence, I used to have a bag full of old sunglasses that were no good to me (because I wear regular glasses), but now I don't seem to have any sunglasses. So I won't be making a sunglass mobile.

The hydrants in our neighbourhood are all yellow with blue caps, although there are at least two different cap designs. Apparently if a hydrant has a blue cap it means it will deliver at least 15 hundred gallons or more a minute. This seems like a lot of water to me. The yellow body means that it is a public rather than a private hydrant. [source]

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