Friday, November 04, 2005

Plan A: Suction Cup Picture Holder

This actually isn't a good place to put the holder. You get water in your eyes while you're trying to read the music.Remember when I said I had plans for all the stuff I bought at the Dollar Bank? I wasn't being strictly honest. For some of it, I only had vague ideas. For instance the $1.50 wood chisel I only suspect will come in handy before long. Same for the plastic suction cup picture holder things. But not long after I got home I realized they'd be just fine for putting song lyrics in and attaching to the wall of the shower stall. I like to learn a new song every few months. (Most recently learned song = The Beach Boys Fun, Fun, Fun. Be careful about asking me to sing it. I will and I won't stop even when you've obviously lost interest.) Years ago I learned the first three verses to the Kelligrews Soiree. I'm going to see if I can learn the remaining six. Links:

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David Scrimshaw said...

I've got verse 4 almost down, except I keep forgetting which name comes first in the third line.

Let me go check.

Jim Brine. Of course. Because that's a salty sea name and this is a Newfoundland song.