Thursday, December 08, 2005

Apparently the Chief does have a sense of humour

Remember two weeks ago, I posted a link to the Cornwall Police Department's webpage about 9-1-1? And if you had speakers you heard Chief Wiggum? [Link] An inside anonymous source at Cornwall's City Hall tells us that the Cornwall police not only know about it and like it, they have another Chief Wiggum clip on their recruiting page. Phil G thinks this is terrific and has offered the following suggestions:

  • For the Ride Program page this clip;
  • For the Crime Stoppers page this clip; and
  • For the Feedback page this clip. It occurs to me that the Cornwall police might be thinking this is a fun way to get people to read their web pages and tell others about them. Other cities might want to try the same thing. Of course, a serious town like Ottawa couldn't use Simpsons quotes. But maybe there are some clips out there that the Ottawa Police or Ottawa City Hall could add to some of their web pages? Any ideas? (Prizes might be involved.)

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